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CheeseMS! A maplestory private server made by Kirby. It is based on .v53 (working on updating to .55) . There will be GM applications again in July. Read your emails you sign up ith because you will get messages about upcoming events :)
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PostSubject: About Cheese MS   About Cheese MS EmptyTue Jun 24, 2008 8:51 pm

To all the new many members joining these forums, Cheese MS is a great server. First of all, the creator, KirbyLuver, can keep the server up while he's off. Cheese MS also has good rates (like the meso, so much faster to make money and faster to level) and there is a good community. Cody changes your jobs, Mia sells NX Items (she doesn't work at the moment), Mr. Pickall of Kerning gives rebirths (need to be lvl 200 for rebirth), hair salons and surgery sells coupons for 1mil so you can change your look how ever you please, Spinel (world tour guide) brings you to various places for only 1,000 meso, and Fredrick sells smegas, heartstopers, and Yellow Ciders. I've noticed a great increase in members lately so I wanted to let you know. If I forgot to include more things, please members how have played before add to it. Have fun XD
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About Cheese MS
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