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CheeseMS! A maplestory private server made by Kirby. It is based on .v53 (working on updating to .55) . There will be GM applications again in July. Read your emails you sign up ith because you will get messages about upcoming events :)
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Cheese MS

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Forum Rules.1. Please refrain from harrasing other members. This is a Forum community. This includes sexual harrassment, verbal abuse, or any other inappropriate gesture.2. No Unexceptable Images. There are Children here, and this is a gaming forum. Plase post it on an 18 + Forum, not here.3. No Innapropriate site links. Once again, its a gaming site with kids, don't post it here.4. Listen to the staff and respect all members. Last thing we need isa smart alec who thinks he knos wht he's talking about when he clearly doesn't.In-game Rules.1. 1. Please refrain from harrasing other players. Its a game, don't take it so serously. This includes sexual harrassment, verbal abuse, or any other inappropriate gesture.2. No Innapropriate site links. It's a game filled with kids, don't mention it here.3. Listen to the GM's and respect all members. Last thing we need is a smart alec who thinks he knows what he's talking about when he clearly doesn't.4. DONT BEG GM'S FOR ITEMS! We have un reachable names ingame for a reason, so we don't hear you beg.5. Try no to create a lag, expecially one on purpose. WAYS TO PREVENT LAG WILL BE LISTED BELOW.Ways to prevent lag.1. Make sure you CREATE a character on channel 2 and LOG IN on channel 1!!!2. Wait a few minutes before reloging ino another or the same character! There is a lapse that you could run ito, thus crashing the server.3. If the server crashed while you did something, We recomend you DONT DO IT AGAIN AND INFORM US!4. If the server lags, wait a little bit before pressing quit. If it still lags after a minute, its most likely the server crashed, or your the cause.Penalties and Punishments.1. Simple, Varying on the rule(s) broken, we (The GM's/Mods/Kris) will decide together on your punishment. Thi can be an Ingame ban, Forum ban, Ingame jail for a certain time, or anything else we may decide on.